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Traditional yet innovative professional color. Deep nuances and a wide range of bright and glamorous colors, for maximum reflections. Thanks to the Silker Complex 3® formula, the hair color is fuller, shinier and longer lasting.


  • Maxi-dose of color provides a more intense, shinier and longer-lasting color
  • Silker Complex 3® is a complex of silk proteins obtained from silk fibers and synthetic polymers: it forms a protective film on the scalp and a hydrophobic barrier on the hair shaft that protects the color from fading due to washing and provides shine.
  • Antioxidants keep the color stable over time

  • Paraben free
  • Dermatologically tested in the Chelab laboratory (Italy) accredited by ACCREDIA and operating in compliance with the UNI CEI EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005 standar

125 ml tube. Large enough for 2 full applications on long hair.

Application & Swatches

Application & Swatches

How to use

Prepare the client by spreading some stain barrier cream around the hairline. Wear suitable disposable gloves, then evenly distribute the color mixture on dry, unwashed hair. At the end of the application time, rinse thoroughly with warm water and then proceed with the three post-color steps of the Color Fix ritual.


The following nuances are to be mixed with developer cream in a 1:1 ratio as follows:

Peroxide Application times Tones lifted
10 volumes 20 minutes 0-1
20 volumes 35-40 minutes 1-2
30 volumes 40-45 minutes 2-3


Natural shades and excellent white hair coverage.

Intense Naturals

Double pigmentation series for very difficult coverage.


Ash series with cool and mat shades.

Intense Gray

Intense Gray Serie with ash gray reflections.


Cool color series with subdued green reflections; for use specifically as an alternative to the ash series, to tone down red reflections.


This range has been expanded with the nuances /31: cool golden, recommended for those seeking light golden hair. 

Pearl Blonde

Series suitable for those seeking natural pearl blonde hair. 


Series with an improved formula, providing deep orange reflections.


Wide choice of intense red reflections, guaranteeing effective coverage of hair even with a high percentage of white.

Mahogany and Violet

Recommended for those seeking a red base with cool shades ranging from mahogany to violet.


Series of warm and cool brown nuances.


The left half of the lock is obtained using the dye to lift hair color.

Dilute the dye in a 1:1 ratio as follows:

Peroxide Application times Tones lifted
10 volumes 20 minutes 0-1
20 volumes 35-40 minutes 1-2
30 volumes 40-45 minutes 2-3

The right side of the lock is obtained using the dye as a high lift blonde. Dilute the dye in a 1:2 ratio with 40 volume peroxide and leave it in for 45-50 minutes to lift 3-4 tones.


Boosters are used mixed from 1% to 20% with other nuances on the total mixture. Only for BLUE Booster the amount of product can be increased.

Chroma – Toners

Mix with 5-10 volume Oxi-Cream in a 1:1 ratio; the application time ranges from 5 to 20 minutes, depending on the porosity of the hair. The more porous the hair is, the shorter the setting time should be.

Recommended for use on lifted or bleached hair.

Lift Enhancer

To lift: mix with peroxide in a 1:2 ratio. Used before a high-lift nuance, it can lift by up to 8 tones.

Other suggested uses:

Function % of 0/0 in the total mixture Dilution ratio for 0/0
To dilute a nuance from 20% to 50% 1:1
To increase the lifting power of a color 20% 1:2
To create tone on tone highlights From 10% to 75% 1:2
To improve coverage of white hair 10%
To strip From 10% to 50% 1:2

Guide to Gray Hair Coverage

We suggest you first assess the percentage of gray hair and then mix according to the directions below.

% Gray Desired shade Natural series Peroxide
0-40% 60 ml 60 ml
40-70% 45 ml 15 ml 60 ml
70-100% 30 ml 30 ml 60 ml

Nude Blondes

Nude Blondes

Shades Service Directions
10/18 and 10/71 TONER Apply rapidly on damp hair in a 1:1 dilution ratiowith peroxide at 10 volumes, and observe the effects closely. Maximum processing time up to 20 minutes. On long hair a 1:2 dilution ratio may be chosen. At the end of the processing time, rinse and proceed with Color Fix ritual.
10/23 and 10/38 Lifting Dye Mix in 1:1 ratio with the peroxide.
10 volume – 20 minutes processing time – lifts from 0 to 1 tone
20 volume – 35/40 minutes processing time – lifts 1 to 2 tones
30 volume – 40/45 minutes processing time – lifts from 2 to 3 tones
At the end of the processing time, rinse and proceed with Color Fix ritual.
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Fashion Gold Collection

Fashion Gold Collection


The golden age: golden tones are back!

The gold that will light up the autumn and winter trends this year follows the luminous trail of celebrities and stars that have made of their blonde manes their flagship, and who lately have chosen deeper golden tones. 

If, with the new season, you want to renew not only your wardrobe but also your hairstyle, golden tones are the trend-setting nuances for you.

Elgon has devoted to this concept its entire new color collection, Moda&Styling Fashionable Gold Collection, focusing especially on the warm nuances of hazelnut and almond blonds. 

The collection includes 4 shades, able to reach up to 3 levels of lift:

  • 6/38 Hazelnut Golden Dark Blond
  • 7/38 Hazelnut Golden Blond
  • 8/3 Almond Golden Light Blond 
  • 9/3 Almond Extra Light Golden Blond

With these beautiful nuances, you can play with light and create endless effects: warmer tones on the roots that fade into ice-blond tips, toned with Elgon I|Light 3 ShineSilver; or a darker color base that lights up at the side of the face to illuminate the complexion, even in winter!