Designed for any type of dandruff, it prevents itching, scalp desquamation and dryness. It contains zinc pyrithione, an active principle against dandruff, keratin amino acids and klamath alga extract with an antioxidant effect.


Shake the bottle well before use and pour on the wet scalp. Massage gently, emulsify and rinse. If necessary, repeat the operation.



It inhibits the growth of microorganisms causing scalp desquamation and minimizes irritations (itching, seborrhoea, skin rashes) due to dandruff. With zinc pyrithione performing a bacteriostatic action, panthenol with a moisturizing action and keratin amino acids and klamath alga extract with an antioxidant action.


Shake the phial well before use. Use the dropper to open the vial and then to apply the contents.
Apply the contents on a clean scalp and dab with finger tips. For a shock treatment apply 2 vials a week for 3 weeks. For a follow-up treatment: 1 vial a week until all phials in the package have been used. 

It is recommended to repeat the treatment after 6 months.