Correctors, like all direct pigments, are used on wet hair and then rinsed. They provide a natural-looking and clean effect on white and grizzled hair and, especially if used regularly, prevent yellow tinges (due to weather elements). They also have a conditioning effect softening hair.

150 ml tubes in 3 shades:

  • Ebony
  • Silver
  • Light Ebony

How to Use

Wash hair with a delicate shampoo and remove excess water. Apply the product with a comb. Leave on for 3 to 10 minutes, depending on the target color tone, then emulsify and rinse thoroughly with warm water. The product is easily washed away from the hands with an ordinary soap.

Combined use of the products

Upgray Gel and the Correctors have been designed to be used jointly or separately. If used jointly, the customer can have the service performed in the salon with Upgray and extend its effect at home with the Corrector.

In-Salon Upgray / Recommended Take-home Corrector

N.2 Brown / Ebony

N.4 Dark Chestnut / Ebony

N.5 Chestnut / Light Ebony

N.7 Natural Blonde / Silver

N.8 Controlled Gray / Silver

If you're shy about colour

For those who would like to become familiar with cosmetic products, that is to say men who are still “suspicious” of colourings, the Correctors with the shortest setting time are recommended.

In any case, all MAN products by Elgon are not invasive and are washed away gradually.